How to Access eBooks

Every eBook purchase includes an ePub file and a Mobi file. Mobi files are a specialty format that is only needed if you plan to upload the book to an Amazon Kindle device. For most users, you should use the ePub file, which is widely supported by almost all readers and devices.

If you have an eReader device or a mobile device you use for accessing eBooks, there will be a way to add the eBook file to the device for convenient viewing. However, if you don't have such a device or you are confused about how to make it work, we recommend you use an online ePub reader. Here is a link to our recommended online ePub reader.

Additionally, there are applications you can download to your computer for viewing ePubs. Here are links to a recommended option for Mac computers and Windows computers:

Recommended Mac App for Reading ePubs 

Recommended Windows App for Reading ePubs

NOTE: The PDF version of eBooks is no longer available.

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