Seasonal Devotionals for Daily Prayer and Reflection

Seasonal Devotionals for Daily Prayer and Reflection

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What 6 Minutes Can Do

"Beautiful, concise reflections. You can indeed read through each day's content in six minutes, but you will carry the ideas and prayerful suggestions with you throughout the day, and longer. I highly recommend these Little Books."

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I have been reading Little Books for about 10 years. There are always new insights and nuggets about the Catholic traditions, the saints, and people who have contributed and exemplified the Catholic faith.

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I have been reading these for more than 15 years and look forward to each season….always learning something new and energizing.

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Little books devotionals

A Go-to Prayer Practice

Little Books' easy-to-read seasonal devotionals are ideal for establishing or reinvigorating your daily prayer practice. Featuring 6-minute scriptural-based lessons that are updated every year, along with interesting facts about Catholic traditions and symbolism, each book corresponds with significant seasonal themes and is designed to deepen your relationship with Christ.