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Each Little Book has been carefully crafted to help you explore the depths of Scripture and deepen your relationship with Christ. Order Little Books for your congregation, as a gift, or for personal devotional time, and spend some quiet time with the Lord.

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The Story of Angel Fred - Available now! A fictional Christmas story dedicated to those whose best laid plans sometimes run amuck.

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We are processing orders for the next series of seasonal reflection books.  You can save time by ordering all three seasons now and the books will be shipped automatically as soon as they are printed.  Remember, you can also save if you order a total of 50 or more books at one time, even if they are not all the same season.

My Name is Ken - and I Will be Your Waiter for a Long, Long Time...

This book is the story of Bishop Untener’s life and faith, based on his homilies and writings. Available in paperback and eBook format.