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About Little Books

Little Books of the Diocese of Saginaw is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging people to pray for 6 minutes a day during the liturgical seasons.

Conceived and developed by the late Bishop Ken Untener of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, the Little Black Book debuted in 2000 as a Lenten reflection book and quickly became a staple for individuals and congregations throughout the Midwest. As demand
grew, so too did Little Books, which now includes the Little Blue Book for the Advent/Christmas seasons and the Little White Book for the Easter season, along with titles for Stewardship, children, and other writings.

Each Little Book is faithfully written to correspond with seasonal themes and features daily scriptural-based lessons that are updated every year, along with interesting facts about Catholic traditions, saints, notable people and symbolism.

Today millions of people rely on Little Books to enhance their prayer practice and provide spiritual inspiration. All proceeds from Little Books go toward serving the needs of the people and communities of the 11-county Diocese of Saginaw.

About Bishop Ken Untener

Bishop Ken Untener served as bishop of the Diocese of Saginaw from 1980 until his death in 2004. Bishop Ken was a treasure trove of spiritual guidance and information. He was renowned for his wonderful sense of humor, his rich spiritual discipline and a teaching style that made sacred scripture come alive for all. He founded Little Books in 2000 and began a ministry that now spans the globe. After serving as Saginaw’s spiritual leader for more than 24 years, Bishop Untener contracted cancer and passed from his earthly life on March 27, 2004.